Ranu Jain is on a mission to help Cancer Patients with My Sanika – Cancer Care Society

5 March 2017

Ranu Jain - My Sanika, Cancer Care Society

Ranu Jain Gupta, Founder of My Sanika – Cancer Care Society, Talks about her entrepreneurial journey.

I was born with a silver spoon. My family kept me like a princess. I belong to a well-educated family. My parents had a huge business but later they had to bear heavy losses. They again started from a scratch and gave me and my younger brother everything without fail.

I have always been a fun-loving and a kind hearted person.

Life was going smooth around 13 years ago. One fine day we got to know that our father has been detected with the dreadful disease Cancer. It shook the whole family as me and my younger brother was studying and our father was the only earning member of the family.

Our mother took a bold step and she started handling the business along with taking care of our father and the entire family. We had spent so much money on his treatment but still, she sent me to study out of Indore in one of the most expensive institutions of India. She took a loan for this. She always kept me like a princess.

My father passed away around four years ago and that very day I had decided to do something for the needy cancer patients. Around one year ago on January 10, 2016, I had started an NGO, My Sanika Cancer Care Society.

My Sanika is a registered charitable society working for the welfare of needy cancer patients. We believe that every cancer patient has a right to the full range of treatment and our team makes sure that they get it. We get 95% of the funds from the events that we organize. Our tagline is “Adding Life To Days” and this is how we make lives beautiful by helping the needy ones.

I still remember when we wanted to do our first fundraiser. It was a drawing competition “Paint Fitness” for kids. We went to so many people for the sponsorship but everybody denied saying two things:

• How do we trust you?
• Do you have 80G?

We were too new to have 80G and about “trust” we could only ask them to give us a chance to prove. That day I had decided that we will do things on our own without pressing much on the sponsorship and donations.
The most difficult part was to build trust as people don’t trust NGOs that easily. So, we kept our accounts open to all those who started getting associated with us. We wanted to make sure that all the money is being used correctly. Another challenge was to make my family realize that whatever I am doing will impact people’s life. My husband played a very important in making them understand.

Our dream is to be the best organization that works towards patient care, aid, assistance, awareness and advocacy. Also, as a preventive measure, we want to run the cancer awareness camp and literature, especially for rural India.

We are coming up with a story platform “The Super Warriors” on March 8, 2017. Through this platform, we will share the inspirational stories of Cancer conquerors to motivate the other fighters.

We are also coming up with a big business plan to scale up My Sanika. As a target for 2017, we want to help at least 100 patients.

There are times when I feel demotivated. My biggest stress-buster is my son Kabeer. I also read “The Secret” in my free time. It keeps me motivated. My mother is my role model. She has seen so many hardships in her life but I have always seen her smiling. I can only hope to become half the lady she is! She has raised me to be strong and independent. My Sanika has taught me to be selfless and to serve and love others.

I always tell people to be grateful for what you have and always listen to your heart. Follow your passion and success will follow you.
“Cancer is a word, not a sentence. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to fight. You can definitely beat it. Nothing is impossible before God. Have faith! My Sanika is always there for you!”


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