Dreams don’t work unless you do: Pooja Bhayana, Co-Founder of Let’s Barter India

2 March 2017

Pooja Bhayana

I am Pooja Bhayana from Delhi.

I have had a very sheltered childhood with a very loving family. My parents always supported me to be independent and do something of my own. But they were also very protective. I’ve studied commerce at CBSE Class 12 level, Bachelors of Arts, with liberal concentration in Mass Communication.

I finally became independent and learnt how to handle issues and take responsibility when I went away for college to Singapore. My graduation is from Singapore and that city completely changed my life. I interacted with so many different people with different stories and learnt to live the independent life. It made me a more open-minded yet inclusive person.

I always wanted to do something of my own. Having a business of my own that does well is a sort of self-achievement for me, and it was in my bucket list for life.

Let’s Barter’s idea was sort of a light bulb moment. We started Let’s Barter India as a Facebook group for our friends in September 2015.

A coffee conversation between my school friend Sahil and I turned towards us discussing how Sahil is not getting any value for some tablets that he had bought. When I suggested he barter it with some other goods from our friends, he was in love with the idea. We started as a Facebook group because we didn’t have much capital to invest, and this seemed like the perfect medium to converse. Today, this group is a platform of 1, 83,000 engaged members that helps Indians across the country barter their goods, and even their services, and get more value for what they have.

The motivation for me to leave my corporate job and step in the start-up world was one- To find happiness. As superficial as it sounds, I quit so that I could do something of my own and something that makes me happy. And I found that happiness at Let’s Barter India.

Let’s Barter India is a platform for Indians to come barter their goods and services with other Indians. It is the world’s largest community for barter on Facebook, and our app is available on Play Store and App Store. We target young adults in the age group of 20-30 years who want more value for their used products. By bartering, these people can get whatever they want, without any money! The vision of Let’s Barter India is to enable Indians who might not have the money to spend on extra needs and wants. You can safely barter anything like electronics, services, books, gaming consoles etc.

Initially, we faced a lot of problems in terms of making people trust the concept of barter. We’ve read about the concept in school but to make the transition to real life was the problem. We created a platform for people and wanted to prove that tech-enabled barter is the way in future. Getting the right technology in place and executing it efficiently to provide a good solution for customers was also a struggle.

The most efficient thing that worked for us was the Let’s Barter India Facebook group. It worked as the perfect medium for concept building and getting a proof of concept. We had the opportunity to interact with customers and build a product according to their needs.

Currently, we are India’s only C2C barter platform that helps you exchange with Indians around you. We want to take Let’s Barter India to newer heights, and making our presence felt in other countries. We want to be the Made in India brand that changes habits of people worldwide.

The life of an entrepreneur is a busy and stressful one; you need to hold onto your hobbies at this time. It becomes essential for entrepreneurs to find a way out, switch off and do something new. When I am stressed, I do meditation, I love to bake, go for long walks or just watch a movie. In times of difficult decisions, I look up to my mentors and seniors in the field for advice.

There are so many women entrepreneurs who have overcome so many hurdles in life and emerged victorious in this male dominated world. Such stories always keep me motivated to do more.

I firmly believe that – “Dreams don’t work unless you do”

Be yourself. Unapologetically! It is important for one to maintain their  uniqueness in this world, and that is what will set you apart and take you far, in life!

– Pooja Bhayana


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