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22 March 2017


Huda Shaikh

Huda Shaikh – Founder of NutriBond, shares her entrepreneurial journey with Women Of Courage. 

I was born and brought up in Muscat, so some part of my childhood was in Muscat itself. I was a mischievous kid and would play around the entire day. But even then I was very happy helping my mom and would remember the recipes of the dishes she used to cook. As a child I loved eating, chocolates, ice cream, chips like every other kid but my parents were always careful that I did not eat too much.

I was always hard-working even as a child. I did my graduation in Microbiology from Bhavan’s college and hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from SNDT Women’s University and also a certified Diabetes Educator course from help defeat diabetes trust.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and had it clearly fixed in my head. While I was working as an intern at Sion Hospital, the sole source of inspiration was the happiness on the face of my patients when I met them and counseled them. They happily shared all their problems with me and were at ease. They would tell me that after meeting me they have a feeling of relief and all their doubts have been cleared. Also, my family encouraged me to start my own nutrition model after looking at how well I could convince patients and their relatives into changing their lifestyle.

So, I started NutriBond just 9 months back i.e. on 7th June 2016.I launched my website and then started marketing my brand on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter).Before launching the website I had already started writing health blogs for different websites.

NutriBond is an online diet centre where diets are planned keeping in mind the health issues, nutritional needs, ethnic background of an individual in mind. So basically all the diet plans are personalized and made to suit one’s needs and taste. So I basically do personal consultations, online consultations and freelancing too. We have different diet packages like a 4, 6,8,12 and 16 weeks package for weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, heart issues, anemia, pregnancy, lactation, child nutrition and geriatric nutrition. So basically my venture caters to people right from the age of 6months-70years.

I also conduct health talks and events in schools, design healthy recipes and basically modify the conventional ones.

The one challenge I had was to present myself as a nutritionist who is different from other nutritionists. People would bargain on the cost of the programs and try and bring it down to a very low cost stating that someone else is giving it to them at a much lesser rate. It was difficult to bring in customers easily as they would always prefer the established names where nutrition is concerned. All I would say is that the work of a nutritionist looks pretty easy but is not actually easy. So far I have managed to overcome all the hurdles.

My day starts at 9 am and the first thing I do is follow up with my patients then I go on and plan diets, write articles manage client calls, queries, emails and much more. Sometimes I feel 24 hours seem to be less for me because I am basically a one woman army handling everything on my own.

Whenever I feel that I am going through a bad phase in life, I feel my family is the biggest support system. They give me strength to overcome all the difficulties I ever face. So they call me Jhansi ki Rani at times. 🙂

I have learned a lot of things from my journey with NutriBond. I have learned to stay positive and firm about all the decisions I make. Also, one should never be worried if the progress of the business becomes slow at one point of time. Because it’s natural one day you might have loads of business and the other day you might really not have anything. So it has taught me patience and has made me a much more hardworking person.

I never mix my personal and professional life. While at work I just focus on work by jotting down the amount of work I need to do in a span of 12hours. My biggest stress buster is cooking and praying. Whenever I am stressed I get into the kitchen and start preparing lip-smacking recipes for my parents. Also when I feel low I kneel down in front of the almighty and have a long chat with him, which really makes me feel good and all my stress is just gone.

I want to be amongst one of the topmost nutritionists in India. So basically I am planning to come up with a healthy food manufacturing company and would also like to have a complete health care centre with consulting Dr’s. Also writing, launching a book and a mobile application are in the pipeline.

My strongest motivator is my Mother because she tells me you are really doing a very good job and continue doing it always. Also, the testimonials and the kind words from my clients are really a reason for me to stay motivated.

“Try and try till you succeed. If you’re passionate about doing something in life then do not step backward at any point in time. You should mandatorily pursue your goal no matter how long it takes. Do not give up in life; only patience and perseverance will take you towards your goal. Never hate the struggles, they can teach you more than you have ever expected.  Keep working hard and you are sure to reap the fruits one fine day. Also, age is just a number you can start it when you are just 18 or even when you are for me being 24 does not matter, till you are doing good work people are going to appreciate you.”

I am Woman Of Courage because I have the power to achieve my goals with hard work, patience, and perseverance.

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