No matter what, people will always look at you, Make it worth their while!!- Deepti Joshi Dange

7 March 2017

Deepti Joshi Dange Persona Stars

I come from a family of an Engineer father and Doctor Sister, I was given too little a choice to choose a career apart from IT, engineering, Medicine or MBA then. Working with multinationals was fun; however, there is no greater pleasure than being your own boss.

I came to terms with this logic – First Impressions are indelible.


When people meet you, they take an instant mental snapshot. The image of you becomes the Impression they have of you.

Even before your lips part and the first syllable escapes, the essence of YOU has already axed its way into their brains. The way you look and the way you move is more than 80% of someone’s first impression of you. Not one word needs to be spoken.

Little did I know that watching people around me, and analyzing what they were wearing and their behaviour and moods would one day define what I do for a living.

Soon enough I had realized that grooming people and watching them transform, be happy and positive about themselves and achieve their goals was what I was always after and that is what I found gratifying.

It was not easy convincing my family and it had taken me 10 experimental years to finally realize what I had wanted. There was only one thing I was sure of and that was “not running in the race”, and now I help people run the race better by making sure that even before they run, they are prepared to run and excel.

Eventually, I did my International certification from the USA in Image Management, Personal Styling and Personal Shopping in Association with Image Consulting Business Institute in India in 2010-11.

After completing my course and coming back to India, I decided to take up training projects and doing personal makeover consultations, but first I had to undergo a foot surgery which took four months of that year. However, soon after that, I travelled all across India and trained aspiring Image Consultants and by now, though I have lost count, I must have trained over 400 Aspiring Image Consultants Pan India.

This journey of learning techniques to help other people transform began with the application of concepts on self-first. My biggest achievement was when I understood my own personal style and saw myself transform.

I was a plus size girl back then, and I think I still am, but I had complexes and my weight would come in the way of my training profession. I worked on myself on both ,the inside and  out. I lost 30kgs, which eased out the stress on my feet and fuelled my passion further.

Looking good became the by-product in the process and made me feel more confident on the inside. It’s now only evident from my before and after photos, but I have evolved as a person.

At Persona-Stars Image Management, we help you with your overall makeover, the way you dress, your body language, makeup, grooming and etiquette along with communication.

It was difficult initially, as our society focuses a lot on technical education and it took a lot of conversations and convincing other people that Image management was the need of the hour.

6th year into the business and I feel now we are in a better space, as people are more exposed to the visual medium and everyone wants to look good and they need some or the other modules that we offer for a quick or long term makeover for success.

My dream is to have a Consulting studio of my own, where you step in, get a makeover and step out, feeling confident and stunning about yourself.

My life mantra is to look ahead and stay focused and no matter what, be positive especially in adversity. Believe in the power of belief as thoughts become things. Make your passion bigger than your fears.

I want to tell young girls and entrepreneurs that you must find your Passion and Talent. Look for a problem and provide a solution in line with your passion. It will never fail you. Other people’s stories and quotes can trigger you to do something, but no else can take the action on your behalf.

I am Woman Of Courage because I decided to move out of my comfort zone, leave the security of my job, regular income, my own shape and size, my beliefs because success awaits for all of us just outside the comfort zone.  I work hard on myself, my goals and my business in all spheres of life. I believe in the difference I can make and want to make in people’s life.

No matter what, people will always look at you, Make it worth their while!!

-Deepti Joshi Dange



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