Read the story of bold and brave esteemed woman- Asha Jain

25 March 2017

Asha jain

How many times did you stand up for what is right? Asha Jain is a courageous woman who stood up and helped her friend in need. Read her courageous story:

“I own an imitation jewellery shop and beauty parlour. One of my friends works as a helper with me. One evening when I reached the shop, she was crying. She told me that one of the boys from a nearby shop has been harassing her and passing inappropriate comments since few weeks.

I told her to ignore him and concentrate on work. But the same thing continued during the next few days. So, I went to meet the owner of that shop. I complained to him about the behaviour of one his boys. But he was reluctant to accept. He didn’t help.

Next day, when that boy again repeated the same thing, I went out of my shop and slapped him. I was very angry; I slapped him a couple of more times. Soon the crowd gathered. I called my friend and asked the boy to apologize to her. He did apologize.
I warned him never to repeat.

Nearby shopkeepers came over to meet me. They congratulated and thanked me for taking this bold step.

Every woman must learn to defend herself and others.”


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