Read the story of well-known mixologist and bartending champ – Ami B Shroff

25 March 2017


ami shroff

Ami Shroff is one of the few women flair bartenders in India.

Ami is fearless and expressive from childhood. Ami says, “I wasn’t interested in books as much as was in playing. Playing taught me a lot, from teamwork, social interaction, how to focus, physics. It made me self-confident.”

She got attracted to the profession of bartending after watching it in some Hollywood movies. She decided to take up bartending as a profession. Today Ami is one of the few women flair bartenders in India. She is also a known mixologist.

Even at work, Ami is fearless and straightforward. She says, “I Have often told the people I’ve worked with, to charge for the overtime they put in and to know when to say no. The hospitality business in India makes people work overtime without overpaying/compensation and that needs to stop. It reduces productivity levels and increases exploitation.”

About her philosophy of life, Ami says, “Acceptance of what’s not within my control and to keep as little expectations as possible from everything.”

Ami also spends time climbing mountains. She says, “Climbing Mountains changed me forever. To go away from civilization with whatever can fit in your backpack teaches you the value of everything. It also teaches you- less is more.”

“My biggest strengths have been my family. Their support has made it possible for me to make the choices I have made, without a care. Their support has got me through tough experiences and challenges. They crossed every obstacle with me, which in fact made me most often not even feel the obstacle. And I haven’t often been appreciative of their love and support, but I need to start expressing that more”, says Ami.

This World needs more women like Ami.


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