Varuna, Founder of SaralHai, personally went to 300 doors to get initial customers

20 January 2017

I am a 3rd year engineering student and a budding entrepreneur. It has been a roller coaster ride. I took Biology as a subject, however, my parents were not satisfied with the subject and wanted me to be in IIT, so I changed my subject to Maths. However, I didn’t make it to IIT.

I am not interested in engineering and not happy with my college and peer groups. I am an ambitious girl and want to do big things in life. I am the person who wants to learn all the time. I couldn’t match my level of thinking and mentality with my peer groups.

My friend, Archit Jain and I started thinking about business ideas. Soon after going through some ideas, we realized that we should solve a basic problem that most people face.

People need newspapers, milk and fruit-vegetables in the morning. They were getting home delivery of milk and newspaper, but not for fruit and vegetables. That’s how SaralHai idea came to our mind. SaralHai facilitates home delivery of fruits and vegetables.

We didn’t have the fund to start this. We started it with my friend’s and my personal savings. During initial days, I personally went to 300 doors to take orders and make them understand SaralHai. We take orders until 12 midnight and buy fruits and vegetables accordingly in the morning. We start our day at 3 in the morning as the vegetable market starts very early in the morning. We hardly get 3 to 4 hours to sleep. The name of our venture is SaralHai, but the work we are doing is not ‘Saral’ at all.

As I am not interested in engineering, I never pay attention to coding. I learned from YouTube and created a website and my partner created the app.

We organized interviews for an internship program for SaralHai at my college and to my surprise; few students from IITs were also there to get an internship with SaralHai. My parents were very happy that though I didn’t make it to IIT, but now IIT students are coming for an internship at my venture.

I have a core team of three members, besides that, we have employees as well. At first, we started with B2C model, but after getting a great response from customers we started providing our services to restaurants and cafes. We are going to tie-up with MacDonald’s and Subway in near future.

My father has a very conservative thinking. He thinks that I should complete my college and get a secured job, though I have an immense support of my mother. I face many challenges, but I don’t let them control me. I read books and watch comedy shows on the internet. I learn good things from all people.

I believe that we need ‘Men Empowerment’ more than ‘Women Empowerment’. Men need to understand that it is okay if your lady earns more than you. There shouldn’t be an ego clash.

Ladies, just go ahead and pursue your dreams. We are bold enough to face the world.

– Varuna Bhambhani, Founder – SaralHai


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