Garima Vishal is on a mission to change the Education system for better.

5 January 2017

I am Garima from Bihar(Madhubani). From a very early age, I had an inclination towards social work. While working with Infosys I was teaching 30 underprivileged children and helped them in getting admission in different schools. I have convinced mothers of girl children to send them to a school.

As and when I started getting involved in the work at different platforms I got more attracted towards it. Then I started thinking that what will be the way in which I can be useful to the society and then I realized that education is the field where I can contribute and by imparting this I can help society to build a strong backbone i.e. well-educated and skilled youth. I have observed that there were few kids who were not very good at academics but were good at other skills but did not get proper care and guidance at an early stage and became mediocre in life.

Education is getting costlier day by day. Very few schools are imparting proper education. Generally, children need home tuition to cope up. Then I realized the need gap in the educational system. We need a school which is the all-rounder; the school that appreciate each student’s quality and support them to pursue their passion. So we started our project Dejawoo School of Innovation. The goal of this school is not only imparting education but developing personalities and culture of innovation and freedom of thought. While in IIM; I opened the school which emphasises on each student from their childhood. I get guidance from IIM professors and a team of few doctors and other engineers.

We strive to provide the best education and overall development of each student economically. We apply a child-centric approach in educating them. We try to make all the classes innovative. Just repetition is not a correct way to teach (which is the general trend in India). We use facilitative and demonstrative methods of teaching.

We are doing our level best to bring a positive change in the society especially lower middle class who can’t afford big brands. We are looking for helping hands from different corners that can help us in shaping brighter future.

There are 3 pillars of our education system:

  1. Teachers: We give opportunities to highly educated females who are not working after marriage. It serves two causes. We provide training for these teachers every day 1-2 hours after class. We put an extra effort to educate them and train them in spite of hiring very professional teachers.
  2. Students: Syllabus is designed after a lot of research and analysing the schedule across the globe. We use ASQ ( Age Stage Questionnaire) designed by Paul H Brookes Publishing Co, London to monitor the mental, physical and psychological development of each child and focus on particular weaknesses.
  3. Parents: Children stay in school for 4-5 hours. Rest of the time they stay at home. Hence it becomes extremely important to educate parents as well. We train our parents time to time. We arrange guest lectures by paediatrics physiotherapist etc for holistic development of our children.

I want people to be aware of the initiative and be motivated. Those who are still planning to make the change in society can be the change and follow their dreams.





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