Gangubai: A 94-year-old woman won the gram panchayat poll

4 January 2017

We live in an age where many people want to work as less as possible. Laziness and mediocracy are ways of life. In such time, a 94-year-old woman Gangubai sets the right example and teaches us an importance of work.

A 94-year-old Gangubai won the gram panchayat poll in Dhore Bhamburwadi in Khed tehsil of Pune district.

“I will not disappoint them. I can walk like a youngster and talk like a teacher. Nothing affects me, rain or sun. Now it’s time to work. I have to do something for my people, otherwise it’s no use becoming a sarpanch just for the sake of it,” Gangubai told The Indian Express.

“PM Modi is like my son. My oldest son is 66 years old and I am told the PM is around the same age. I am sure he will pay heed to the voices of farmers,” she added.

People like Gangubai sets the right example for generations to come.

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Story source: Indian Express


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