Ayesha Noor won 3 Gold medals for country despite suffering from an epileptic seizure.

31 January 2017

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Ayesha Noor, who is suffering from epileptic seizures, is the first Indian girl to win two gold medals at national level events and three gold medals for the country on international platforms in Karate. She was born in a slum of Kolkata. She lives with her family in one-room house in a Kolkata slum.

When she was five-year-old, she was asked to leave school because her school teachers couldn’t handle her epileptic seizures.

An epileptic seizure, also known as an epileptic fit, is a brief episode of signs or symptoms due to abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain. The outward effect can vary from uncontrolled jerking movement (tonic-clonicseizure) to as subtle as a momentary loss of awareness (absence seizure). (soruce:wikipedia)

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After leaving a school, she decided to learn karate. Life has not been easy for her. Her father died when she was 13. As there was no source of income her elder brother, dropped out of school and began to work as a daily-wage earner in the local market. Her mother works as a tailor.

Ayesha’s brother Tanveer is the only earning member in a family, works as a temporary shoe salesman.

“It has been a struggle. My father died, my mother sews for a living. Food at home is short. But my parents always told me to work hard and I did. Thanks to my coach, MA Ali. Without him nothing would have been possible.” She told NDTV

Noor keeps her spirit high even among such adversities. “I want to teach karate to other girls who are in penurious circumstances like me,” she says. Accordingly, she helps her coach teach karate to girls free of cost at a nearby park every Sunday as part of a campaign called ‘Mission against Rape and Crime’ that Ali has come up following the national anger over the gang rape of Nirbhaya in New Delhi. The intention is to arm the girls with defence techniques. “Girls are the better fighter than boys,” remarks Noor. – Reports Business Standard.


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