Meet Payal Roy, who spends her pocket money to educate poor kids.

30 December 2016

I am a 22-year-old girl from Jabalpur, Payal Roy. I am very much passionate about social service.

One day I visited a school for blind girls. I saw that teachers were not teaching properly. So, I asked principal over there if I can teach girls after school. She agreed. From next day, I started teaching girls. I also asked my friends to join me. Few of them joined me.

Even in 2014, I ran a cloth campaign for poor people.
It hurts me to see people not following rules, people not helping others, people breaking signals, people spitting on the road and not keeping the place clean.

People want to enjoy ‘rights’, but they don’t want to perform ‘duties’.

I was really worried about the state of our society. I started thinking how can I change them? I wondered why somebody didn’t do anything about these problems, but then I realized that “I am somebody”. So, I started observing social problems to find out the root cause. I learned that lack of proper education is the root cause of most of the problems.

Therefore, in 2016, I stated ‘Shiksha’- an initiative to educate poor kids. Initially, I went to poor localities and slums alone. I requested parents to allow me to teach their children. I started my first class with 37 students. In the beginning, people used to laugh at me, even my friends used to make fun of me and my work, however, I ignored them and went ahead with my mission of teaching poor kids. Gradually people joined me and today we are teaching around 150 kids.

I go there daily to teach. I am a M.Sc. student, and even during my college exams, I don’t take a leave from my duty of teaching kids.

Earlier my parents were not supporting my initiative as they were worried about my studies. But now after looking at the impact ‘ Shiksha-एक उज्ज्वल भविष्य की ओर’ is creating on the life of poor kids, they are very happy.

I believe that if anyone wants to change the world, then they should start with changing themselves.

– Payal Roy


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