Meet Daxa Patel, who is on the mission to help HIV+ patients by providing free medicines.

1 December 2016

Today (December 1) is world AIDS day.

This is a story of Daxa Patel. She and her husband both are HIV positive. When were utterly shocked when they were diagnosed with HIV, but they didn’t lose hope. Their family too supported them.

HIV treatment cost around Rs. 25,000 per Month. They realized that all HIV patients may not be able to afford the cost. Daxa and her husband decided to help all those patients who can’t afford the cost of treatment.

So in 2003, they started “Gujarat State Network of People living with HIV/AIDS”. They wrote many letters to State Govt. requesting them to provide free medicine to HIV patients. Their letters kept rotating between various Govt. department, but they kept requesting. Their efforts worked and State Govt. replied that their request is pending with Central Govt. for approval.

Daxa and her husband didn’t lose hope. They prepared detailed analyses of HIV patients in Gujarat including details like – Number of patients, cost of treatment, and how many patients are not able to receive treatment due to cost, etc.

After tireless efforts for 2 years, they got an approval from Center Govt. today HIV patients of Gujarat can avail free medicine from Gandhinagar and Surat.

#WomenOfCourage Salutes Daxa and her husband.

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