Story of an unusual Accident which couldn’t break her down but made her Stronger!

22 November 2016

daksha ben

“Which is the date you will never forget? Your birthday? Maybe your anniversary?”

For me, it’s quite different. I will never forget March 8, 2005 – neither it’s my birthday nor anniversary.

I used to go to the temple with my husband every Saturday and to meet few family friends over there before returning home. However, the Saturday of 8th March 2005 was different.

We were returning from the temple on a scooter, happily discussing what we should cook for dinner. And as usual, we reached a conclusion that we will ask Kids what they want for dinner. We have two children – older one was in 11th Standard and younger one was in 7th Standard at that time.

Many vehicles were passing by. I was lost in my thoughts, looking at the under construction buildings on the other side of the road. Suddenly I felt a warm liquid on my legs and at the very second-moment scooter lost balance. We were down on the road and got dragged with a scooter for few meters.

I was feeling a burn on my legs. I saw my husband laying few meters away unconsciously. What I saw was weird – some part of his hands and face turned black.

Immediately people rushed to help us. They helped us get up. They gave use water. I was not able to stand up as I was feeling a burn in my legs. I was literally crying due to pain. I was still wondering what happened.

I overheard one person explaining to another – “Here, this two Acid container trucks, you see? They are transferring Acid from one tanker to another using pipe. When these guys were passing by, the Acid pipe lost its connect with other tanker and the open end of the pipe directly came on them. The lady got hurt on legs and the man got burns on face and hands”

Soon we were in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital. All I was crying due to pain and I was worried about my husband. Even though I was in pain I was praying every second. I was worried about my two kids. Both were in school at that time.

We received immediate treatment at the hospital. All my family members and doctors were around my bad. I asked about my husband. Doctors told me, “He is fine but as few drops of Acid went in his eyes, he has lost his eyesight.” I was numb. I didn’t know what to do. I was trying to speak, but I was choking.

Doctors continued: “Though this is a terrible accident only good thing is that the Acid was of low intensity. With proper treatment, he can gain his eyesight back within year or two, and none of you requires any plastic surgery”

That night lying on my bed, I was thinking – What were the odds that Acid pipe lost its connection at the very moment when we were passing by it? There are many questions in life, we never get an answer for.

This was just a first day of two long months we spent at the hospital. It was just beginning as more troubles were awaiting us.

We got discharged from hospital after two months. We came back home. All family members were with us for help and support. All of them kept assuring me that everything will be fine, but deep down I was worried about house expenses and school fees for my kids.

My husband was not able to work as he lost his eyesight. And even I was advised by doctors to stay away from water and Sun, which limited my options of working. The only option was to ask family members and friends to help us financially.

I decided that rather than asking people for help, I will work myself. I started a household business of making Papad and Potato chips. Kids also helped me a lot in preparation of material, making Papads and in arranging Papads and Chips on a terrace where it can get proper Sunlight. Due to good quality, we started receiving more orders.

With God’s grace and with proper treatment, after few months my husband got partial eyesight back. He started working again. My kids also got a good education and now they are leading a prosperous life.

As they say – We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.



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