Pallavi Mohadikar, who left high paying job to start her own business.

4 November 2016

I belong from a small village near Nagpur in Maharastra. My middle-class roots taught me the importance of hard work very early in life.

After completing my engineering I worked for an IT firm for two years – these were the days when my interest in entrepreneurship grew. I joined IIM Lucknow and learned more about business. After completing MBA from IIM Lucknow, I joined Goldman Sachs. Life was smooth with comfortable, but I wanted to start my own business.

I believe that journey is more important than a destination. Making our dream come true is important, but facing our fears while chasing our dreams is more important. So I decided to quit job and start my entrepreneurial journey with Indofash ( – my first step towards uncertainty leaving all the comforts behind.

Convincing family to let me try something of my own was a difficult task. No one in their right mind would quit their high paying job to sell Saree – my friends told me. But I was determined.

As they say – “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, I started Indofash operations in April 2015 at Bangalore with a small team. It’s very enriching experience to work with my team, they all are very smart people. We kept building Indofash, one brick at a time.

Past 18 months has taught me a lot about leadership, hiring the right people and negotiations. Journey with Indofash has been a roller-coaster ride. One moment you are the happiest person in the world while at other you feel like burrowing your head in the pillow and cry.

We now have 10,000+ products on the platform from 150 weavers. Our 50% orders are international orders and we are profitable on every order we serve. Still, we have a long way to go.

Be fearless and get your hands dirty, it’s the only way to learn.

-Pallavi Mohadikar


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