Emotional story of how Natasha Kothari fought depression and came out Strongly!

11 November 2016

Natasha Kothari Underage drinking depression

Natasha Kothari, Tailor Made Teacher, shares her emotional story. She was under depression after her grandmother’s death and made few mistakes, like underage drinking, but then she fought depression and came out strongly. Read and share her story.

“Up until I was 15 years of age, my life was pretty good I was an average school student, I had a great set of friends and all of those things that you need at that age. I lived with my parents, younger sister and maternal grandmother, since both my parents are working I used to pretty much be home alone with my grandmother and we did spend a lot of time together. Obviously because of the generation gap we did have a lot of ups and downs but there were a lot of special moments that a granddaughter shared with her grandmother.

Old age soon caught up with her and she was plagued with lung fibrosis, initially it was not that bad but things rapidly declined, eventually leading to her immobility followed by her demise. At 15 if you have to see a person who you saw almost every minute of every day, dead, it’s something that is going to change you for life. And so that is exactly what it did for me, my whole life changed.

I became depressed, passive, irritable and frustrated. I would lock myself in a room for hours and just sleep in darkness, I started losing friends and drifting away from my family too.

I have made so many bad decisions during that pure hell of a time period that they are uncountable. One of them included underage drinking, in my case it was so bad that I had to be hospitalised and I was unconscious for 7 hours. Obviously my parents realised that their daughter is completely and wholly messed up, there was only hopelessness and disappointment in their eyes.

Trust me there is nothing more painful than looking at your parents look at you like that.

Eventually my mom took me to see a clinical psychologist because she realised my issues needed to be addressed, the first time I sat for therapy and was asked to talk about my issues the only thing I did was howl and cry like a little baby. I don’t even know why.
My mom and my best friend were the two people who put their heart and soul into being my support system, accepting and addressing my issues and never condemning me for them.

Today, 4 years on, I am doing all the things I have ever dreamed of doing. I am a social worker teaching kids I love more than anything(if it were not for them I would not be half the person I am today), studying what I want to study, working full time at a place that is like a dream job and even blogging about everything I am passionate about.

I am grateful to have had all those things happen to me, I am grateful that people looked down upon me and I am grateful that I went through utter and complete shit. I am grateful I went through depression and had absolutely no self-esteem.

I am grateful because if I was not pushed and throttled down my very rock bottom I would have not been able to make it the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

-Natasha Kothari

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