Mallika Angela is redefining the word ‘Beauty’ with her #LoveEverybody campaign

26 November 2016

I am Indo- Canadian; I am a curvy girl and I just happen to love acting along with studying it and performing on stage in Canada for 5 beautiful years.

I grew through the Beyonce and RiRi generation and embraced such a positive image of who I was; mind body and soul. Beyonce rocked those huge hips of hers and Rihanna was a blockbuster regardless of her uber small frame.

However, the Western world of film is a different ball game and I much rather enjoyed the idea of dancing all over the screen and being an icon for women of the second largest growing population in the world.

However, upon coming here I found that there was a lot of speculation over what the ideal body type was… Well this kind of made me feel excluded from a world where I considered acting to be the main criteria especially in this day and age.

Finally one day I started to succumb and make myself reduce my size… low and behold I found out that no matter what I did I had a different body type… not those of what you see nowadays on the Indian Film Screens. I felt confused and frustrated almost decided to quit this career when something struck me.

Maybe others have the same thought…

So I put on those skin fitting tights and I wrapped my lace and net body suit over what I always thought were my bodacious curves and started to perform and spoke my mind. It was riveting… I was excited yet slightly nervous to see what kind of reaction I would receive.

Did others have the same feeling?

Well yup! They did… I got so many messages and so many calls and followers wanting to speak up about their experiences.

This is how the #loveeverybody campaign started. It was meant to inspire all bodies, men, women, Trans, and all body types to come together and break through the common norm.

EVERY BODY is beautiful as is EVERY BODY TYPE.

This way
Or That

Embrace your body as you would a temple and enjoy each part of it. Give it love and energy and happiness and watch how beautiful the world will find you. Most of us have had that moment when we look into the mirror and just thought life would be so much better if I were slimmer. My question is who told you so?

Exercise to be healthy not to be brainwashed by what the media and the current trend is because you are unique.

My wish is that people believe in this message and I empower as many people to believe the same and in the process maybe I’ll have the chance to touch people in a way I always wanted to as an actress.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this network
God bless!

– Mallika Angela


(Story by Mallika Angela)

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